Equipment That May Help Your Elderly Relative Increase Their Mobility And Remain Comfortable

If your elderly relative has limited mobility and will be attending an outdoor reunion in the park with you this fall, the following equipment may assist them with moving around and remaining comfortable.

Offer A Power Scooter For Their Use

Rent or purchase a power scooter from a business that furnishes medical equipment. A scooter will provide your loved one with a comfortable way to move around while at the reunion. Instead of sitting on the sidelines and waiting for family members to approach them, they can make their rounds throughout the event in order to mingle with other guests and participate in activities that are offered at the get-together.

A scooter's seat can be adjusted so that your relative can climb on and off of the machine without struggling a lot. If your loved one is going to be bringing medication, a bag, or a purse with them to the reunion, they can place everything in a basket that is secured to the front of the scooter so that they do not risk losing any of their items.

Rent A Restroom Trailer That Is Handicap-Accessible

Rental companies have a full line of restrooms that can be reserved for outdoor events. Restroom trailers often come equipped with ramps and safety rails so that entering and exiting each one will not be difficult for individuals with limited mobility. You can designate an area for the trailer to be set up at the event, and the crew who drops it off will make sure that the trailer is level and stabilized.

You can order additional safety features to assist your relative with using the facility that you have chosen. A toilet seat that raises and lowers with the touch of a button or a motion-activated sink or dryer will help your relative use the rental equipment without needing to ask for assistance. 

Obtain A Reclining Wheelchair With Built-In Tray

You may be able to rent a reclining wheelchair with a built-in tray from the same company that rents and sells power scooters. If not, search other avenues, such as local hospitals or charities that donate equipment from time to time. A wheelchair that reclines will allow your loved one to lay back and relax when they no longer feel like sitting upright on the scooter. A built-in tray will make it possible for them to eat food and drink beverages without needing to get up and receive help in order to sit down in a standard dining area.  

For more information on mobility equipment, contact a company like Alaska Mobility.