The Benefits Of Purchasing Used Optometry Equipment

Optometry equipment isn't cheap, and at some point during the years you practice, you'll probably need to purchase new equipment for your office. If you're like most eye doctors, you might have trouble deciding whether to purchase new or used optometry equipment. While both options have several benefits, you might be surprised to discover just how much purchasing used optometry equipment can benefit you.

Saves Money

Obviously, purchase pre-owned equipment won't costs as much as purchasing new equipment. However, if you purchase the equipment from a dealer that specializes in selling used medical equipment, it can save you money in other ways. Most dealers give their refurbished equipment tests to ensure they are in proper working order, and make any repairs needed before selling the item. If the used medical supplies dealer has refurbished the equipment you purchase, you might be able to get a guarantee on the work that will save you money on maintenance in the future.

Purchase Equipment that Isn't Used Regularly

When you make the decision to purchase optometry equipment, you typically assess whether or not your office has a real need for the equipment. If there is only a small need, you might put off buying the equipment because of the cost. However, if you purchase used optometry equipment instead of new equipment, you can get the equipment needed to fulfill your patient's needs -- whether it's equipment that all of your patients need or only a select few.

High-Quality Equipment

You might be worried about purchasing really high-quality equipment because the cost is high. However, you can purchase high-quality equipment that has been refurbished at a lower cost. So, before you decide that you don't want high-quality optometry equipment, contact a local medical supplies dealer to see if they have refurbished any of the specific pieces of equipment you're looking to purchase.

Whether you need to purchase new optometry equipment to begin your practice or you need to replace the outdated equipment in your office, you should consider buying used optometry equipment instead of purchasing the equipment that you need for your office brand new. Not only can you save money on the equipment you were going to purchase new, you can purchase equipment for your office that you might not otherwise purchase because there isn't a large need, and purchase equipment that a higher quality than the equipment that you were going to purchase new.