Features To Look For In Medical Transport Containers

Medical transport containers are specifically designed to protect a variety of medical supplies and specimens. When you are looking for something to get supplies where you need them without risk of contamination, you need transport containers. With the evolution of technology comes some technological advancements in medical transport containers as well. There are several factors to consider when you're looking into new containers.

Tracking Technology

New smart containers have RFID or GPS chips that allow your facility to track their location in real-time. This is important in situations where the chain of custody is vital or time is of the essence, including criminal lab testing as well as transplants. Consider investing in trackable containers so that your facility has access to by-the-second information about your container locations.

Temperature Tracking

The medical industry is one of the most significant in terms of tracking temperatures and monitoring thermal concerns. When it comes to transplant organs and other tissue, temperatures are a vital part of sustainability. Buy transport containers with temperature tracking and regulation to help protect specimens in transit. You can choose containers that not only display the current internal temperature but also have active temperature regulation to cool or heat the contents as needed. Tissue viability depends on regulated temperatures and climate control, so investing in transport containers with these features may help you maintain viability longer.

Data Records

Smart containers now have data storage to record the activity with the container, including any time it is opened, the temperature history, and the GPS tracking data. Having systems that log all of that data on a cloud system ensures that your facility can produce any necessary information about the container's transportation and handling as needed, especially if there are any questions about a specimen's viability or any risk of tampering.

Antimicrobial Surfaces

Especially in facilities where organ transportation and tissue sampling depend on transport containers, you'll want solutions that feature antimicrobial materials that clean and disinfect easily. This ensures that there is no risk of cross-contamination and that your procedures for infection control remain effective.

Medical transport containers are a vital part of any care facility's management. Whether you're transporting specimens to the lab or planning the latest organ transplant, choosing the right containers makes a difference in the condition of the tissue on arrival. Consider letting technology make things easier with containers that include the features mentioned here.

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